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i am a freelance writer, digital media specialist, and educator. currently, i am a full-time contractor with Riot Games working on several projects, including developing and researching a historical timeline, and building queries and ontologies for social listening.

i hold a master's degree from the university of texas in austin in information studies, and a bachelor's degree from the university of pittsburgh in english literature and political science. for the minute, i am based in pittsburgh, pennsylvania (subject to rapid change).

you can reach me for questions, projects, and speaking engagements at jocelynmonahan [at], or follow me on twitter @guattari2600.

media projects

The Game Garden Podcast (available on iTunes)

So You Want to Make a Twine Game Series

A series I started in April, 2016 introducing principles of creating games in Twine for beginners, a little at a time.

Ferengi Inspiration Bot: May you find profit.

simple reddit date search tool - find posts in any subreddit by date range, 2016

Locations of US Data Centers, 2014 (interactive map on cartodb)

Topographies of Interference, 2014 (digital film, director)

UPMC Sites Project, 2013 (interactive map & written portion on neatline/omeka, map currently broken)

The Family Project, 2013 (digital film, producer)


bits & bobs & odds & sods from a host of aliases that are all me (warning: tumblr also contains amateur poetry)

Consumer Culture and Fifty Shades of Grey

You Can Tell Them It's Okay To Feel Bad

Accusing Sunil: Reddit, The Selective Political Ontology of Threat, and Individuation

speaking engagements

Invited panelist, Can tools enable curiosity?, part of the "What Does it Mean to be Curious" series at University of Pittsburgh, February 2016.

Corn, Coal, Clouds, presented at the Society for the Social Studies of Science annual meeting, Denver, CO, November 2015.

Topographies of Interference, presented at the Cultural Studies Association annual conference, Salt Lake City, Utah, May 2014.

Divorce: The Family Project, presented at the Cultural Studies Association annual conference, Chicago, Illinois, May 2013.

Ruby Culture: Social Learning in an Open Source Community, presented at the Cultural Studies Association annual conference, San Diego, California, March 2012.

Frankenstein II, or the Return of Lost Content, presented at the Society of Southwest Archivists annual conference, Little Rock, Arkansas, May 2011.



University of Pittsburgh

Fall 2015: LIS 2633 - Technology in the Lives of Children and Youth

Summer 2015: LIS 2970 - Creative Engagements with Digital Technology

other teaching

Teaching Assistant for: